What People are Saying…

“I assume if you are reading this, one of the activities you do with friends, family and colleagues is to share what you are grateful for in life. I am grateful for Sandra and her authentic self and her ability to make me a better person, leader, and professional. I have known Sandra for over 20 years. She assisted me in creating a global strengths-based team with a strong culture and communications. Much appreciated.”


National Director, School & Community Parnerships at BUILD

“Sandra Gans has a combination of experience, energy, and drive that produces results and exceed expectations. If you need help in evaluating a potential addition to your team, or you need to understand how your existing team works together deeply, or you need to run a special event for your company, Sandra will make it happen. She has been an asset to every team she has been involved with and adds a dimension of positive energy to lift any team going through a difficult time. I have known Sandra for over 15 years, and her character and integrity are solid, and her passion for working with and supporting people has always been her trademark.”


Human Performance Specialist

“Sandra has always helped me get out of my own head and look at a problem from a new point of view. I’ve worked with her on group workshops for my internal team, and also on a personal level when I was facing some big decisions. She is strategic, compassionate, and able to help find a clear path forward in the trickiest of situations!”


Association Strategist

“Kelly has been my career coach and personal mentor for many, many years. She was an outstanding resource for me during my recent job search. Not only did she give excellent advice on interview prep, company research and negotiation, but she believed in me and built up my confidence before interviews and throughout the process. She encouraged me to reach higher and challenge myself. It’s Kelly’s encouragement, positive spirit, work ethic and personal investment that make her a great coach. You need Kelly in your corner.”


“Kelly is wonderful! As a tenured senior director that was previously laid-off from a job in 2018 and (at the time) was in a new but toxic work environment in 2019, I was looking for a new start in a company that acknowledged my experience and allowed me to be more “authentic”. I had been doing job searches for over a year with no luck, so I reluctantly thought I would try a coach. I found Kelly on LinkedIn in January of 2020. She was extremely helpful from the start in teaching me to be more strategic in my job searches and guiding me to create a more dynamic LI profile. Additionally, she was caring throughout the alliance and bolstered me to maintain a positive attitude. I accepted a new position in March 2020. I can’t thank Kelly enough for her coaching and support. We will continue to stay-in-touch as she has become a welcomed friend.”


“My experience was amazing. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the whole process. I highly recommend everyone to seek coaching when looking for a job. It does make a huge difference. I liked that Kelly helped me prepare for interviews and she also helped me analyze every opportunity that came my way to make sure that it would be a good fit for me. “


“Kelly helped me understand how to use LinkedIn as more of a selling tool for myself and how to follow influential people who offered seminars and learning opportunities. She taught me how to connect and form relationships with every person I networked with. The importance of thoroughly reading job descriptions and adjusting my resume accordingly was key to getting interviews. I became more confident in interviews because of the skills I learned about company research and identifying key people within a company. Kelly was a constant advocate for me, reminding me that I was awesome! If you want to get a job, don’t just work with Kelly…listen to her! “